As a sport, boxing was first appeared as early as 688 B.C. by the ancient Greeks as an Olympic sport. Modern boxing have 2 forms:


1) Amateur Boxer: Amateur Boxing Game is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games. 3-4 rounds per game and 2-3 minutes per each round.
2) Professional Boxer: Professional Boxing Game is based on bonus reward. 4-12 rounds per game and 3 minutes per each round. Professional boxers wear neither head gear nor any define shirts. In year 2004, ESPN ranked boxing the “WORLD MOST DIFFICULT SPORT”.


Boxer training can be categorized in three ways:


1) Long Range Tactics, known as “Boxer”, major representative is “Muhammad Ali”;

2) Close Range Tactics, known as “Fighter”, major representative is “Mike Tyson”; and

3) Counter Attack Tactics, known as “Counter puncher”, representative of “Floyd Mayweather Jr”.


Boxer training usually involves techniques like sparring, slip and weave and counter attack. The training focus in respiratory rhythm and balance of movement between arms, eyes, body and legs.